Saying thank you to The Rothschild Foundation

We were blown away last week when we received word from The Rothschild Foundation that their trustees had awarded us funding for the second year in a row. And, what’s more, they have chosen not to double, or triple, or even quadruple their support, but in fact to offer us five times more than their original grant.

Happy doesn’t even come close.

The funding means a huge amount to us for lots of reasons, but perhaps none more important than it shows that the impact we are having is good and meaningful and valued. And, in addition, it shows that we are able to share what we are achieving in an engaging, authentic way. We don’t think we’re doing everything perfectly—far from it. We’re excited to tweak and refine our projects as we go. But we’re now at the stage where we’ve proven the basis for our model. It’s time to think big and to grow.

We welcome you to read our most recent report on our Star Track programme, compiled by ever-brilliant Kazvare Shire:



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